What Is Release Your Power Coaching?

Release Your Power Coaching uses proven techniques (The 8 Strategies) and other motivational and empowering tools to help you achieve your deepest desires for your personal, professional and spiritual life that enable you to live Authentically. Each of The 8 Powerful Strategies, taken from the book Release Your Power, is outlined in its own separate e course and taught via webinar or teleseminarIf you are at the Peak of your Success and just need a tiny push then by all means skip the Coaching Program and just purchase the book and/or workbook and work on your own. But, on the other hand, if you want to get your Success on the cutting edge and take your life to a whole New Level then don't waste a moment wondering if you should work with a Life Coach! You know in your heart that you are just like me, a true go-getter, and when opportunities like this show up in your life you take charge! 

A Coach Can Help You:

Stay On Track
Get Clear About Your Priorities
Hold You Accountable to Achievement
Get The Life You Really Want

And so much more. Is this the right time to take the next step to your Total Freedom? YES!  The Release Your Power Coaching Program will help you activate your Purpose, Passion & Power so that you can have a fulfilling life, at work, at home and at school. 

I am excited you have selected me to work with you as your personal coach and instructor. 


Most people want to be a success in life and to achieve their goals and dreams. However, 

many people just simply don't know how to do that or where to get started. 

That's where Release Your Power, a high impact-results driven personal development and professional achievement system that uses 8 Strategiesalso referred to as Coach Lilisa's (PLS) Power Launching Strategies, designed and created by Coach Lilisa J. Williams, to help you DISCOVER YOUR INNER POWER AND HOW TO TAKE ACTION ON IT TO CREATE YOUR GREATEST LIFE. 

Finally, a simple system that uses universal principles is here to rescue you from a life of missed opportunities, failed attempts at goal setting and achievements, and playing down to your true talents and feelings of fulfillment is here!

Once you start and complete this journey of discovery and self mastery you will be able to live the rest of your life fulfilled, successful and powerful! This system will teach you in a step-by-step!

For most people it takes years and years to discover how to tap into their inner Power and Release their "true authentic success" but using the 8 Strategies of Release Your Power, achieving your greatest personal and professional success can now be YOUR Reality too!

This system was developed to show you how to ignite what Lilisa refers to as your "Three P's" 

Passion to stir  you up 
Prosperity to bring you up 
Purpose to motivate you up!

Come on, get LAUNCHED!

The Release Your Power Coaching Philosophy

You deserve to be:

  • Happy, successful, empowered and fulfilled. You deserve to live the true prosperous life. 
  • This coaching opportunity will give you the edge you are looking for in your personal, professional and spiritual life. 
  • Working one-on-one with a coach can add major value to your success and goal attainment. 

The activities are priceless and the engagement is invigorating!

I invite you to come visit my other site and learn more about the power of Release Your Power and how it prepares you for GREATNESS!